18 November 2014

The ‘Search for MH370’ video aims to explain the activities and complexity of the search effort to date, for families affected by the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, and the general public.

Video in English Version 

Video in Mandarin Version 

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Monday,17 November 2014

Fugro Equator is set to carry out some further bathymetric operations in the MH370 search area. On 31 October, Fugro Equator arrived in Fremantle to commence mobilisation for the underwater search. 

11 November 2014


The Australian Government acknowledges the concerns expressed by Voice 370 on 10 November 2014 concerning statements made by Malaysia Airlines.

The comments by Malaysia Airlines' Director, Hugh Dunleavy on 4 November 2014, claiming that Malaysia will be issuing a statement of loss for flight MH370, are greatly disturbing for the families andloved ones of the passengers and crew on board MH370.